I love happy kitchens that make you smile. I think color is one of the simplest design elements that can instantly change a space. A La Cornue range is always the foundation of a kitchen and its color and metal accents set the tone and provide an insight into the personality of the homeowner. I chose this vibrant orange as one of the colors in my collection because of its warmth, depth and vibrancy. Quintessential Orange feels fresh, French, light, exuberant and happy. I would pair a Quintessential Orange range with mostly polished and brushed stainless metals and a few brushed brass accents. I chose this deep teal color not only because it is my favorite color but because it was the perfect complement to many of my favorite marbles and quartzite countertops.  Even if there is only a little bit of this color in a mostly white marble, Quintessential Teal will pull that color out and magnify it. Quintessential Teal is also a chameleon color by changing between green and blue depending on what is paired with it. I would pair a Quintessential Teal range with mostly un-lacquered and brushed brass metals with stainless steel accents.